We named it after you.

La Chingona, Double India Pale Ale
9.0% ABV | 70 IBU

Like any Chingona, this DIPA is beautiful badassery. Golden Promise malt and white wheat provide a pleasant base while assertive hops add bold flavors of bright citrus and fruity esters. ¡Que vivan las Chingonas!

Year round brew


12 oz cans


6-pack / 12 oz cans


12-pack / 12 oz cans

19.2 OZ

single serve cans


15.5 & 5 bbl

La Chingona

La Chingona

This double india pale ale starts with strong floral notes as you approach your first sip. The opening is bright and citrusy, leading in to a familiar but soft hop bite. The beer is then carried by malty sweetness through the middle, provided by a heaping helping of white wheat in the malt bill. The sweetness then tapers at the close, reigning in the hops and leaving your palate ready for the next gulp. Like all Chingonas, this beer hits hard at 8.2%; but never mind that, it’s well hidden behind a sweet, inviting flavor profile that leaves you wanting more. ¡Que vivan las Chingonas!

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